Hilton Com Go Com

Created By Gavin

For hilton com go com and walking outside this Hilton and the Lemuria DN here in Kuala Lumpur, that's the central railway station, now that's the Hilton. We've got their liberty and just over there the entrance to Hilton.

A Walkthrough For The Hotel

That's the main railway station for a lump, so I could be a walk through this hotel, it's voted the best hotel in Kuala Lumpur in the year 2011, so I'll share what it's like. I'll go for a walk through the lobby for Shelly, this is the other lobby, the lobby of the Hilton Hotel got the concierge desk just over there, and checking is just over there, lots of cafes and bars hotel, that's the other hotel bar, just down there then the the main lobby bar, main lobby bar sister over here.


We've got the blinds drawn down, it's a middle afternoon, scopes test, 2 p.m. Thursday, people all had lunch, it's a lot of bars and restaurants in this hotel. This is Harlem, my name slowly one, it's a Chinese restaurant, it's lunchtime in Kuala Lumpur, that's the check-in area, I checked in this morning, then the main entrance is just found that, so just walking through seeing all the stuff that they have here. Superman, yes, that's right reservations restaurants in little, so many, let me sniff, we'll go to the level 8 horrible.

The Building Around The Hotel

We are simple of the hotels on level 8, this is on Gallifrey, let's come to that Dexter Yada Japanese restaurant, Clarky Kotero, this walkthrough here, it's not helpful, this thing of it is over here, so just walk to the end of the pool bit, and you can see the KL tower tell the Guardians at the hotel. The Hilton is next to the new Meridian and the Liberty, and just through here as I saw downstairs, but you can't get to the Liberty on this floor as far as I'm aware.

Let me show you the other KL Tower, this is a downtown Kuala Lumpur, see all the the big buildings CBD, it's the kale tower that building with the triangle share group just in front of it, that used to be the highest building in Colombo, and just behind there you can see the Petronas Towers which is now the highest building in Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Towers Michail time.

This is the expert than the mirror the end, how understand nice about here? It's the other simple, maybe I was wrong, I can't get to the MIDI on this block, it's a simple, it just seems both hotels share what five starts after this many matters going to get riffraff from one spawn in the other, and now that's the other Hilton just over here, you can see some of the sights of Colombo as well.

The Insides Of The Hotel

Most lake baths relation Parliament which is this up there babbling there, it's the hotel food, that's the Hilton back, but a moody and just up there very modern futuristic design, my room is on the 34th floor, which will go to 3435 frosted. I think my room is that one right there, that's my room. Look up down a minute, that's my room up there.

Carry on walking, so cool bridge here for us to get across, we're at the end since the Hilton goes back the way, we came through this little dungeon to the cellar dungeon, then Philip. If you do is to get my sauce, it's leather pop, they're called the boardwalk is a pub as well, now understand, still, stairs to now my room is on the 34th floor.

It's an executive at Hilton King deluxe room, but you get executive floor access, I will go out there, first sprinkle, its tunnel EP, nobody else exit each thing in at 33, I'm at 34th floor, actually I'm on the top floor that their rooms 33 is the executive. Lance will go, then the rest and that got to my floor. It's loaded 25 26 27, they're here step outside politically prepare.

The Lounge And The Furniture

That's the same Lakeville silent, it's in the lunch, you get a view of both sides of the hotel from up here executive lounge. This is one side, it's downtown, CBD area is just a master, the Petronas Towers, the Cal toilet soars up there. It's Kuala Lumpur, the central railway station is that building down there, that's cal central, is it train to pull out there? It's there, it's like a subway train, that one track goes some construction work going up.

This is the air the executive lounge disgusting, I let her know people, let's drop it since to be on this site, this is the side that my room is on or to access, they're exactly now just basically get free internet access various times the day you get free-floating. Mr. Watson through there just stack up against my luxury, let's go upstairs.

The Inside Of The Room

As always I've got the last room on the floor, run the 34th floor here and I've got 3408, it's mine, it was a right thing door opens a makeup, it's a reasonably nice room starting to show its age, in the sense that this hotel was built about 10 years ago at least.

From the furniture starting to wear, that's the view outside, that's the lake, the mosque out there, it's there. Malaysian Parliament is we'd like to believe is that building there, it's not the arts or the matric building. Again I've been told that it looks like a residential complex with their simple, and so on.