Hilton Points: How To Use Points To Book A Hotel Stay With Hilton

Created By Odie

So for this post I'm going to show you how to book a hotel stay with Hilton. So what you need to do first is go to hilton.com and create an account by clicking this join button right here. But since I already have an account, I'm just going to sign in.
So once I'm done log in, you can go here in this search box in here and put the location where you want to stay at. So for this example, let's do the multi-use and click on that, then. So for the dates, let's just select a random date, which is March 15 to March 16.

So just one night, then here I'll do at least two adults, then close, then find hotel, then it'll take you to this window. I make sure to click this box right here. Use points.
So there are currently four hotels at the multi-use just right here, the available hotels at the multi-use with Hilton, and they are the Conrad Maldives from Galle Island, the Walda Frastoria, the Sai Lagoon, and also the Hilton Maldives, Amingiri, and this is a new property, this 2023.

How To Use Points To Book A Hotel Stay With Hilton

Then over here it'll tell you how much points per night you need, and here at the Conrad Maldives you need 120,000 points, and here it's crazy it's a million, but this usually goes for 150,000 points per night. So you just need to look for another day for better pricing outside. It's $85,000 and Hilton at $110. Let's just use the Conrad Maldives from Galle Island as an example.
So click, view rates. It'll take you to another window. Then here you have plenty of options, and we're just going to select the least amount of points needed, which is this too right here, which is the Beach Villa and the Sunrise Water Villa out of all. One thing to keep in mind is, when you book five nights with Hilton, you get the fifth night free, which is amazing. What we're going to do is do that. So we'll book at least five nights. So what you need to do is like edit, stay then here.

It'll tell you the travel dates again. So let's just say March (15 to 20). So that's five nights. Then click, update. Once you have selected your dates, and make sure that you're staying for at least five nights to get the fifth night for free. It'll take you to this window. So far, just if you scroll down, you will see that over here the Beach Villa is available for 120,000 points per night, and for this one and the rest it's more than that.
So the sweet spot here is to book a room that costs $120,000 points per night. So right here you are limited to just staying at the Beach Villa, which is - i mean it's still a nice room. But if you want to go with the Sunset Water Villa, it can also book with 120,000 points per night, but here it's 381,000. So what you need to do is check on some other dates and how you do that is, click on edit, stay, and then just click on the calendar again and click here-- shop by price.

So once you click that, it'll take you to this window and just play around with the date. So we're on this month of March. So from March 29 to April 3rd, so that's 29.
So from March 29 to April 3rd, which is so Friday night, the option of booking in Sunrise Water Villa becomes available, which is at 120,000 points per night. So if you guys want to stay at an overwater villa, then this is a great option. So let me show you guys an example. So this is how it looks like inside and outside. So you're on top of the water, which is awesome. So we're going to click on this. Then here it'll tell you a slider.

I Don't Have Enough Points at the Moment

I don't have enough points at the moment because you need to have at least. It will cost you $120,000 points per night. So you need five years staying for five nights. So you need at least 600,000 points. So you need to have at least 600,000 points.
But since I don't have enough points, it's asking me to pay this extra cash right here. So let me give you guys another example. I want to look for a room that's way cheaper-- let's try the side lagoon--and I want to stay at least five nights.
So let's just select this, which is the two mistakes update, and they're saying we don't have any rooms for those days. So I'm going shop by price. I wanna check. Let's see. There you go. What you want to see is the $85,000 number. You know points per night. So we'll just do 23 to 28th of March. So let's select that.

Filth and Honour - The 5th Night Free

Okay, so now this one. I have enough points to book the entire five nights. If you look at this, telling me I can total points for this day is $340,000 points. So if I click on this show price details. First four nights I will pay $85,000 points, and the fifth night right here is free. I only need $340,000 points to book this. This is one of the greatperks of being a member of Filth and Honour is that you can get the fifth night free if you book your stay using Hilton points.