Hilton Pet Policies

Created By Gavin

Can I bring my pet or service animal?

This is probably the most frequently asked question by friends with pets at home. We went on a trip and hope our pets will accompany us.

But not every Hilton Hotel allows us to carry pets.


It only designated Hilton Garden Inns to allow pets. Each hotel determines its pet policy.

Those Hilton Garden Inns that are pet friendly have their specific pet policies.

Most charge 'per stay' pet fees that vary significantly by location. Each hotel determines the pet weight limit, types of pets, and the number of pets allowed.

Hilton To See If A Property Allows Pets

  • Go to the hotel page

  • Scroll to the bottom to see 'Hotel policies'

  • Click the 'Pets' icon for specific information about this hotel.

How To Find Final Details When You Book

  • Scroll down on the payment page

  • Open the 'Special requests' drop-down menu

  • Select what type of pet you're traveling with and see the associated charge

How About The Service Animal

If people with particular obstacles need to carry a service animal, they can directly ask the hotel front desk.

According to Hilton's pet policies, the service animal is not under the management of Hilton's pet policies.


Keeping pets is a hobby of many families. We will treat our pets as members of our family.

We also hope that our dog can take a walk along the beach with us.

There is no apparent regulation on whether pets can be brought into the hotel.

Some Hilton Hotels can, and some can't.

Before we make a reservation, we'd better call the hotel's front desk.