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I run a great team of people across 30 countries in Europe, and look after over 225 hotels being with guests, managing people, managing teams, so I look after the bar-restaurant conference and banqueting, adapt to manage 30 chef's, make sure that the quality of the product is perfect.


A Great Experience For Greet The People

My job is to greet the people, give them a great experience and make their journey unforgettable. There's plenty of career progression for those that are committed passionate and sermon to succeed.

What I love about her is that you can work anywhere in the world, you can work in Indonesia, you can work in Thailand, you can work in the United States of America. There are lots of different roles in hospitality.

I started as a food and beverage assistant, then I moved to the formed office, and in seven months I became fond of his sheep leader, a great example of somebody who's risen to the top is Dave Horton, he started as a bellboy.

And now he's the senior vice president for the Hilton brand on a global basis. If you are hardworking and determined, you can achieve whatever you want hospitality, cocktail mixologist, butterfly keepers, you name it hospitalities, got all the jobs.

The Best Thing About Working In Hospitality

The best thing about working in hospitality is the team spirit and the variety of cultures, every day eats dear friend, I'm meeting different people, and that's what they love about my job.

My most exciting day was when the Formula one Ferrari team stayed in the hotel, they served them breakfast, after few hours we saw them on the TV.

And that weekend day, they came back and they celebrated here, and was just amazing the best part is the variety, but also about working with people that do so many different things.

My dreamed hospitality job is to be a hotel manager somewhere in sunny Florida enjoyed the last I did work, I think I have already a dream job, but my next clean job would be to open a hotel.

Remember When You Come To An Interview Look Smart

I've already got my dream hospitality job, you need to be an example people need to believe in what you say and what you do, in our leaders were looking for personality passion determination, you need to know what you want, we need to have great teamwork skills, and you need to be ambitious.

Someone who has passion, who is motivated every day, who can deliver good standards, and who can lead the team, remember when you come to an interview look smart because you're going to be serving guests and looking after our customers.

My top two tips for coming for an interview are to prepare, so you know what the hotel or the industry is about, and also to prepare examples that will demonstrate your passion for the industry.

I like people when they ask the question about the menus, the project that we use, the way that we work, ask about what the main objectives are, and what will be expected from you in that position. I was prepared, I looked smart and I got the job.

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