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For http www hilton com go and Hilton MVP Is a special program that will save you money. What is Hilton MVP? Hilton MVP is a special program that will save you money at select Hilton properties, these are properties in the US, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and some Latin American countries.


One Of The Best Promo Codes For Any Hotel For Http Www Hilton Com Go

The discount should be about 20% off, which is better than a lot of the promo codes, like triple-a. It's one of the best promo codes for any hotel outside of those for special status, like for government employees. So it's very easy to use, and 20% off is a decent amount of money. So I recommend a lot of people to give it a shot, so how does Hilton MVP work?

It's really simple, you simply grab a promo code, and then you input it in with your reservation, and you will instantly see the lower MVP rates, and you make your booking as you normally would and you save money. It's very simple to do.

There are three ways to do it though.

  • You can go through the Hilton MVP portal.

  • You can just simply go through the normal Hilton website and input the promo code.

  • You can go through the Hilton app.

How To Use The Code With The App

In this post, I will show you how to use the code with the app. Here is the app, and right now I am just going to enter my location to pull up some random dates for a hotel. I'm going to go ahead and pull updates a couple of months out, actually not Valentine's Day.

I'm going to try it in the middle of March just for better availability and I'm going to now input the code, now you see where it says add special rate code, you click on that and then where it says the corporate account, this is where you are going to input the MVP code, that is currently valid right now. This code may not even work anymore later.

But for right now, I'm just going to go ahead and punch in the code, click find hotels. Now you can see these properties showing up, and if you look on the right-hand side that is where you will be looking to see if a Hilton MVP code applies, and you'll notice none of these properties are showing anything, these top three or four properties.

Save Money On All Sorts Of Different Rooms

But if I scroll down here at the Hilton University of Houston, you'll see on the right-hand side where it shows the MVP portal program, which means that this one has the rates, and once you click on it you can see the rates. So you got 135, and notice that you can pull up rates for different types of rooms. It's not just the basic standard king and queen, you can even apply this for a junior suite. So it's a great way to save money on all sorts of different rooms.

I'm going to go ahead and just click on one of these rates so that you can see you can compare it to other rates, there it is MVP 135, and now look I mean these other rates the flexible rate, the honors discount at 163, you're saving a good amount of money and this is just one night. If you apply this to multiple nights you're going to be saving a lot of money.

You'll See A Status Challenge For Hilton Gold

Something cool about the Hilton MVP portal is that you'll see a status challenge for Hilton gold. Hilton gold is the mid-tier status for Hilton honors and offers some pretty good perks, like free breakfast upgrades, occasional lounge access, late check-out, and some others. I think that it's probably the best mid-tier status, especially after the SPG Marriott merger devalued Marriott gold.

For only four stays, I think it's a bargain and you should look into it. Who can join Hilton MVP? This is kind of a controversial question because some people simply input their MVP codes, they save their money, they check in, they check out, and then they're done with it. But if you look at the Hilton Terms & Conditions you can see exactly who should be taking advantage of this.

The terms state you must be an athletic administrator athlete or affiliated with a sports entity sports-related, companies sports group or event to be eligible, you will be asked to show credentials, such as an official business card designated with your team logo Cedrus.

Who Can Join Hilton MVP

Hilton's pretty clear that you need to have some sort of affiliation with a sports company or sports group, and that you might be asked to show credentials, they say you will be asked to show credentials. Now, in reality, most people are not asked to show anything, and that's why a lot of people sort of taking advantage of this.

I would not like to be that person who gets asked for credentials if I don't have them because that is just embarrassing, and you just sort of look like a fool, and so I like to play things a little bit safe.

What you can do is you can join a local chapter or maybe a regional organization or even a national organization, some sport or some sports-related type of group, and that should suffice one group, you can join is the American Cornville organization.

Hilton MVP Is A Very Simple Program

If you don't know cornhole is just the game you play at tailgates and parties, it's also called beanbag or beanbag toss around the country, and you can join that organization for $25, it comes with a few perks, but it also comes with a membership ID card, so you can show this card anytime that you go out and get asked about your MVP code or MVP promo, which you probably won't be asked, but at least you'll have something to show them.

You can just point to the terms and say 'As I understood it, this card was sufficient for this promo code. ' And just leave it, at that I can't imagine any manager giving you any kind of push back or you to show credentials.

That's it, Hilton MVP is a very simple program I recommend that you look into it, it won't save you money at every single Hilton property around the globe, but if you're staying anywhere in one of the eligible places, I highly recommend that you take a look and check it out, saving 20% on hotels doesn't get much easier than this.