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For www hilton com go and Hilton offers a special program for employees who want to travel and stay in corporate hotels. If you're an employee and are considering a short vacation, it's important to know all aspects of this special travel plan, whether it's going to neighboring states or across the country. If you have never booked a hotel before, you can book your accommodation in a few simple steps and start your vacation in the right way.


Before we get started I want to clarify a few things for you, the Go Hilton program is open to you and your family and friends, you have two buckets 30 days for you and 30 days to share with your Hilton family and friends.

Overview Of The Hilton Rooms For Hilton com Go

That's a total of 60 room nights per year of www hilton com go, you will be eligible to use your travel benefits immediately, so you don't have to wait, you can start booking travel and thriving and exploring staycations and worldwide vacations immediately after 90 days of service.

And you will be eligible for PTL and to utilize that PTO, all you have to do is coordinate with your manager at least two weeks in advance to start taking some of that time and thriving with your friends and family, so let's get started and sign you up for your Go Hilton travel program.

Here Is What To Do To Get Signed Up With Hilton.com/Go

  1.  Ask your manager for access to 'The Lobby' team member website.

  2. Your manager will reach out to IT to request your 'Lobby' access.

  3. Once your access is granted, IT will send your manager a link for you to log in. Note: Your password will expire every 90 days.

  4. Once logged-in select: My Links Go HILTON Enroll in Team Member HILTON Honors.

  5. Here you will have an option to SIGN UP or log in to an existing HH account.

  6. Ask friends & Family to join HILTON Honors by visiting hiltonhonors.com/join

  7. Add your Friends & Family to your GO HILTON dashboard on 'The Lobby' HH page. Note: Visit Hilton.com/go to start making reservations!

  8. Enter your new Hilton Honors number & password.

  9. Start searching and reserving available rooms!

  10. Contact your HR department with any questions by calling 602-942-7890 or by texting 480-210-9647.

You'll have to visit lobbyHilton.com, that will take you straight to the sign-in page, at that point you're going to type in your username and your password, which was given to you upon hire with the hotel.


Your username should be something along the lines of your first initial last name, possibly a combination of numbers, but we usually try to keep it fairly simple, the password that was given to you upon hire for all team members, which is a temporary password is Hilton one-two-three-four exclamation mark.

So that should be the password that we gave you temporarily, hopefully, you have changed it, since then that we've logged into the lobby.

How To Register In Hilton

We're going to go straight to the Go Hilton link, which can be found under Quick Links right here, you'll see Go Hilton that should take you to your registration page.

Now yourself including your friends and family will all need Hilton honors numbers, so as you can see here the first step in the process is to enroll as a team member in the Hilton Honors Program, your family and friends can go to Hilton.com and register the third hall 10 owners account, this is absolutely free and does not cost your family or friends anything at all, all it does is offer them a world of opportunities.

So we're going to go ahead and click on enroll, as you can see it is telling me that I'm being directed to the Go Hilton account, so I'm going to continue to the application, it did recognize me by name at this point.

I'm at my registration page and ready to enroll, I'm going to go ahead and click on join now, not yet a Hilton Honors member, it's going to take us to the next page where I'm going to build my profile amenity, I've been my first and last name and then my address.

Make Sure To Type In The Details Info

Make sure to type in the city, the state, your zip code, and then the email address associated with this account, make sure you're careful when you're typing in a password, use upper and lowercase letters as well as a number and a symbol to help strengthen your password, all it requires is eight characters, one uppercase letter and one or more numbers to ensure the security of your account, now that I have two green checkmarks, that means I'm ready to go.


I will acknowledge that I'm creating my whole ten honors account and agree to the terms and conditions of this program, you can click on these hyperlinks to read the exact terms and conditions of the program, it is telling me, congratulations, I'm now enrolled as a Hilton honors team member and registered for the Goethals and travel program.

See The Status Of The Home Booking

As you can see on this page as I come back to it, I'll be able to see how many of those 30 nights, I'm using per the calendar year and my family and friends, who also have their own 30 nights in their bucket.

I'll be able to see how much of that is being utilized, I can also use the family and friends rate, should the team member rate not be available, so as a team member when I travel with Go Hilton, should there ever be an opportunity for me not to book the team member travel.

I can always look at friends and family rates, sometimes due to availability and how busy the certain area might be, due to special or major conferences and things of that nature, it may not be available, your friends and family can be registered here by typing in their first name, last name.

They'll Be Able To Use The Same Website

And their Hilton Honors account number, all you have to do is click the Add button and then they'll be able to use the same website Hilton.com/go, once they have their registration completed on this page, this will be your responsibility to make sure that you register your friends and family on this page.

Please remind your family and friends that when they travel under your Go Hilton account they are tied to you, so their behaviors should mirror our code of conduct and our values, so please be mindful of who you add to your friends and family rate, as you can see.

Your Hilton honors number is right over here, you should save that number, copy and paste it, possibly take a picture of that for your profile, I'm going to go ahead and go back to our landing page, so we can get started and booking our travel.

How To Book www Hilton com Go

How To Book? The steps are as below. 

  1. Go to tm.hilton.com, you can remember this web address or type the address into the bar at the top of your internet browser and hit ENTER.

  2. From the screen that appears, click BEGIN HERE. You will notice it as the orange button in the middle of the page.

  3. Before you begin, you will have to enter information regarding your work location. This includes typing in your:

    • City

    • State

    • Country

  1. You will also have to select if you work at a hotel, and if so, select which brand.

  2. Search for hotels! You can choose any hotels that are appropriate for your destination within the company brand.

  3. After this, you can secure your spot in the hotel. You will need to provide some personal information, as well as a credit card number. 

  4. The last thing to do is secure your passport. 

What I Operate For The Whole Process

Now we're on the Go Hilton website, I'm going to go ahead and paste my account number and log in using the password I just created, make sure I click on not a robot, and sign in to book a room, the first thing you're going to do is enter the address, Airport, attraction city or hotel you would like to visit.

Then select the number of miles you're willing to stay away from your destination, for this tutorial we are going to leave it at 40 miles away under travel dates, go ahead and select the dates that you would like to take a trip.

I like to choose to use flexible dates, and what this means is that if these dates are not available under the teen memory, family and friends rate or the best available rates, they will go ahead and give you other options for their availability under several rooms and gaps.

Select The Number Of Rooms You Want

Here, you will choose the number of rooms you want, the number of dolls in each room, the number of children in each room, remember in the lower right corner of the team members, you can have two rooms at a time, under the rating of family and friends, you're allowed two rooms at one time, we're going to go ahead and select the amount of room and the number of adults and/or children.

Then expand narrow your search, here you will be able to select what brand of Hilton you would like to stay with if you do not have a preference, you can leave all hotels selected, underrates you will see teen memory family and friends rate and best available rate.

I'm going to select them all that way, if the tea memory or the family and friends rate is not available, I'm able to see what the best available rate is, then please select find the hotel, along the right-hand side you will be able to see the hotels that are within the area.

View Available Dates

If it says view available dates, that simply means that they do not have availability, so let's say we press on Doubletree by Hilton, Hotel West Palm Beach Airport, you would select view available dates, and here will tell you what days they have available under the team of Marie.

So we can select June 17th and it's going to be $45, we'll scroll down a little, press Continue to book their room, then here you'll be able to select what room preference you have, let's go ahead and I'm going to select the first one, here you will see guest information.

You Would Like To Add Any Special Requests

If you would like to add any special requests, you can do so by clicking right here, if not, go ahead and the press continues, at the top, you will see your reservation summary, here are all of your price details, under that you will be able to input your payment method.

And to keep scrolling down this is the guarantee and cancellation policy, go ahead and select 'I agree' to the Go Hilton team member travel program Terms & Conditions, and select book reservation on the next page, it will give you your confirmation number.

You will be given a confirmation number that you can take either to your HR Department or your manager. They can give you a signed passport or family passport. One of these, along with your photo ID, will be required to check into your room at your destination.

Tips For Help of www Hilton com Go

  1. When providing some personal information, as well as a credit card number. Please note that there are limitations placed on the hotels when it comes to offering discounted rates, and so your rate cannot be confirmed until you finalize your reservation.

  2. Keep in mind that many hotels require a reservation to confirm your stay. For example, Waldorf Astoria and Conrad hotels require notice of 2 weeks before your reservation. Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn and Suites, and Homewood Suites require that you select your hotel 7 days in advance. Embassy suites necessitate 3 days, and the rest can be made up to the day of.

  3. The sooner you can make your reservation the better to ensure good discounts and receive the best rate!

  4. All in all, this post will help you register and sign up for Go Hilton, how to use and set up your Go Hilton travel benefits.

Enjoy www Hilton com go

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